About Motel de Nowhere

Motel de Nowhere is a time share studio place in Bethnal Green  for live art, comedy, cabaret, visual art, film screenings, performance, music and all manner of creative activities.


It’s great for shoots, events, screenings. parties, rehearsals, filming, recording, thinking and making. There’s multiple TVs, checkered floor, a mini cocktail bar, cinema seats, PA and a goods lift….

Contributors to performance, film, comedy and music events here have included the wondrous Jess Love,  Ursula Martinez,  Rhyannon Styles, Harold Offeh, Steve Nice, Kim Noble, Ellen Southern, H. Plewis, Shitney Cuntstone, Susannah Hewlett, Matthew Noel Todd, S4, David Blandy,  Feiko Beckers,, Sophie Wooley, Giles Bunch, Fran Moulds, Lou Saunders and more…….

Click on the title logo at the top of the page to see list of events.

You can propose an event by contacting artist and performer @SuHewlett who runs the place. You can see her work here –


You can like the Motel on facebook

or follow it around here on Twitter

Contact: moteldenowhere@gmail.com

Look forward to speaking to you X X

One Response to “About Motel de Nowhere”

  1. michele moran Says:

    wanna know more…..put me on your list please.

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