Welcome (back) to MOTEL DE NOWHERE

Hello again!

For the last 2 years a wonderful secret-ish space that makes everyone gasp as they enter has been run (practically into the ground) by Miss Management herself SusannahSusieSue Hewlett. She created this unique space for other creative humans to use in interesting ways.

Being such an antisocial-networker she has mainly told people about it through the medium of actual talking. Now Kate Mahony (LUPA) has checked into the Motel to let help promote the space and keep it going. Now more of you will get to hear about what the hell is going on here!

Welcome (back) to Motel de Nowhere.

There has been some brilliant stuff here over the last 2 years. Comedy, Live Art, performance, films, a Christmas Fete Worse than Death, parties, excersise classes, gigs and much much more!

Performers who have graced it’s tiny stage include Jess Love, Ursula Martinez, Harold Offeh, H Plewis, Hewlett & Eaton, Sophie Wooley,  Fran Moulds,  Lou Saunders,  Rhyannon Styles, Ellen Southern, Rebecca Biscuit and Shitney Cuntstone.

Scottee, Richard Dedomenici and James Unsworth have sold their wears here.

Matthew Noel Todd, David Blandy,  Feiko Bekkers, Kim Noble, Vicki Kisner, Elliot Dodd, John Brown and Bob Pipe have shown films here.

Gameshow theatre company devised a show here.

Alphabet cinema and S4London have screened film nights here.

Karen Grace and Greg Hall have played music here.

Steve Nice built a giant sculpture in here.

Giles Bunch and Hayley Dixon curated a show here.

Sami Knight has done a DUCKIE photoshoot here.

The Cheek of it Burlesque hold classes here.

Three Beards devise their music here.

And a lot of humans have drunk a lot of drinks at Beverly’s Very Average Beverage Bar.

Motel de Nowhere is a time share studio place in Bethnal Green for live art, comedy, visual art, film screenings, performance, music and all manner of creative activities – WHERE HUMANS MAKE CREATIVE THINGS HAPPEN.

People love this little space and it should be used more by exciting people wanting to try stuff out. So contact us on fb/moteldenowhere@gmail.com if you are interested in hiring this space (it’s very cheap and beautiful!) X S


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