YOU DECIDE – a new event being held at Motel de Nowhere

Launch night of You Decide Saturday 18th Feb 2012.  A new night being held at Motel de Nowhere.

Welcome to You Decide! This is an event where we get together and entertain each other! It will be held at Motel de Nowhere (an amazing studio space in Bethnal Green) and the idea is to get people together and show each other some stuff. ie. Short films, artistic projects, comedy sketches, performed music, plays, poetry, stand up, photography, ceramics, monologues, intellectual discourse, general arts and crafts, yoga, bogling, crumping, frumping (don’t think that term actually means anything but you get the idea)… The list goes on…

 We would also like to hold some classes such as life drawing and pottery further down the line. So if you have a talent and want to teach it – here is the space to do it.

 We’d like to encourage the use of this fantastic art space (which is available to hire on an ad hoc basis for incredibly reasonable rates) and encourage friends and friends of friends to volunteer their creative endeavors or at least be entertained by other peoples’.

 Our launch night on the 18th Feb 2012 will have the following fun things for us :

 Dave Herbert – blues musician singing unplugged .  Blind Date – short film shot on Super 8 by my good self  (Vicki Kisner) and Francesca Singler, starring Lucy Brooks Dowsett..  ILana Lorraine is going to be singing some beautiful songs from her new album. John Brown is showing some of his stunning animations and Bob Pipe has some great comedy films up his sleeve! The night will be hosted by the hilarious Sarah Lavis

Future events may become midweek and during the course of the evening we can all decide what the next night will entail. You Decide!

 £3 donation. RSVP to the You Decide organisers via


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