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Lorraine Surefoot’s Sexercise Class is back!!

May 27, 2011

On Tuesday 31st May, Lorraine Surefoot (Alan’s ‘er indoors) will be holding a Sexercise class at Motel de Nowhere, Bethnal Green. Inspired by The Only Way is Essex’s summer time toning, Lorraine’s class will have you sweating, panting and chanting “No pasta before the Costa” before you know it.

If you’re local / not local / visiting London on that very day come along.

Girls only ( or clever cross dressers welcome)

7pm for about an hour….


C U next Tuesday!!! Luv Lorraine x x

(Lorraine n Alan are best known for their Straightening Salon commissioned by Duckie 2008)


At Last…..

May 7, 2011

Hello Humans,

At last. Here are some photos from the opening event of Motel de Nowhere back in April. (Yes, the in house AV expert has been working tirelessly since then to crack the zeros and ones of WordPress and upload these photos.)

Shitney Cuntsone’s tarot readings predicted a good night for almost no one.  But everybody pushed on through to try and enjoy the video work by Kim Noble, David Blandy, Feiko Beckers, Matthew Noel-Tod and Elliot Dodd. The brilliant Sophie Woolley did an impromptu performance before Hewlett & Eaton took a turn under the gold satin sheets. Mathew Noel-Tod was the winner of the Multi-Million Pence Prize Draw Raffle’s top prize – a free day in Motel de Nowhere.  Details will be posted as his project unfolds.

Follow the link to see a dazzling slide show (through one of the most sophisticated pieces of photosharingtechnologyknowntoman)

NEXT EVENT SOON SOON >>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you have Ideas for projects, events and things at Motel de Nowhere get in touch and remember…..

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